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Death doesn’t stop persecuted churches from multiplying in South Asia

It’s the stuff inspirational movies are made of, but this is the real-life story of a man and his lasting influence in his South Asian village. Kahan went from practicing Hinduism to testifying for Jesus.

IMB shares Southern Baptist missions history in 57 seconds

In 57 Seconds, a video series produced by the International Mission Board, you can hear truths of God’s work around the world throughout history and how Southern Baptists have joined Him in biblically sound ways. 

La generosidad de los bautistas hacia los refugiados ucranianos resulta en vidas cambiadas

ROMANIA (BP) – Paul Chitwood no había planeado regresar a Polonia y Rumania tan pronto. Hace apenas unas semanas, el presidente de la IMB recorrió las fronteras de Ucrania para evaluar las necesidades y ver cómo los bautistas del sur podían ayudar durante las primeras semanas de la guerra entre Ucrania y Rusia. En ese momento, pidió a los bautistas del sur dos cosas: oración y apoyo financiero para los esfuerzos de ayuda.

Baptist generosity toward Ukrainian refugees results in changed lives

ROMANIA (BP) – Paul Chitwood hadn’t planned on returning to Poland and Romania so soon. Just a few weeks ago, the president of the IMB walked the borders of Ukraine surveying needs and seeing how Southern Baptists could help during the first weeks of the Ukraine-Russia war. At the time, he asked Southern Baptists for two things – prayer and financial support for relief efforts.

‘Every day we have enough faith,’ Ukrainian seminary leader says

LVIV, Ukraine (BP) – Every day when air raid sirens pierced the air, Yaroslav Pyzh ran to the window to see if the airport was still there. On March 18, he saw the inevitable – columns of dark smoke. Lviv, Ukraine, was hit by Russian missile strikes near the airport for the first time since the invasion began.

Maasai in Tanzania touched by Kansas teens’ testimonies

TANZANIA (BP) -- The Kansas youth wiped away tears and looked out over the church congregation. Men wrapped in red blankets leaned forward on the roughly hewn boards that served as pews, listening intently to the teenager. Women adorned with bright jewelry nodded their heads and encouraged them to continue talking. "My parents left my life when I was young," Izzy D. told the small group. "I've had a lot of abandonment in my life. I was afraid that people would leave my side until I came to know Christ earlier this year."

Whitewater guides go to church for a meal & shower

BUENA VISTA, Colo. (BP) -- The red raft bobs up and down, then picks up speed down the rushing river in the Rocky Mountains. Everyone onboard readies for the first rapid as the guide gives last-minute instructions. The raft suddenly dips, drops and then twists, getting everyone onboard excited except Tommy, the laid-back guide sitting at the back. The more whitewater they encounter the bigger Tommy's smile.

7th- & 8th-graders experience a VBS of their own

SATANTA, Kan. (BP) -- Imaginary waves lapped at their feet as the young teenagers surveyed an obstacle course dotted with blue papers. The goal was to walk on water — the blue paper — without falling into the sea. It wasn't a straight and easy shot. The course zigged, zagged and went on top of second-hand (maybe even third- or fourth-hand) worn-out furniture. When Oscar San Juan's foot touched blue, the paper slid across the floor, spilling him into the imaginary sea and back to the start. After several attempts, San Juan tiptoed from paper to paper with arms stretched out to keep balance and finally crossed the finish line.

Rodeo Bible camp: ‘Christ, kids & cowboying’

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (BP) -- Laughter and squeals abound as water balloons fly through the air. Boys run after girls, trying to drench them. Older teens slink off to the corner, feigning that they're too cool until a counselor is in range and they let the water fly. The traditional water balloon fight of summer camp comes to an end with a not-so-traditional announcement: "Time to muck out the stalls and feed the horses."

At a rural Kansas barn, they hear the Christmas story

PRATT, Kan. (BP) -- The setting was simple -- a barn, some bales of hay and a few animals -- much like the story that hundreds in rural Kansas gathered to hear: Jesus was born to be your Savior. Steve Taylor opened his Bible and read the story of Jesus' birth. There were no actors portraying the scene or breaking out in song. Instead, a group of children sat at the pastor's feet captivated with the story from Matthew and Luke. Their older siblings, parents, grandparents and neighbors listened as they sat on hay bales.